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Why Should You Visit Seoul, Korea?

Seoul is brimming with modern structures and contemporary cultural elements in addition to plethora of options to explore and experience, right from food to fashion, and art to architecture. Skyscrapers and temples mingle across the fantastic city, and the acclaimed chefs prepare bygone dishes with new trendy South Korean cuisine. With so many attractions along with lip smacking food, incredible ancient culture, a mix of modern art, technology and fashion, Seoul is a perfect city for those who do not like to stand still. Seoul Pass lets you explore the vibrant city and will offer more when the sun goes down, and the people come out to play.

Seoul truly knows how one can have fun, and the city's nightlife culture has developed a perfect ‘station system’. The chain of restaurants for dinner emerged as the first station, followed by karaoke rooms, pubs, bars, more drinks and food on the way. You can buy a Seoul pass to enjoy fabulous discounts and amazing offers on all of them.

An enthralling mix of the cutting edge technology, zen Buddhist Temples, modern skyscrapers, fascinating cuisine, makes Seoul one of the most exciting and fascinating Asian cities. You can visit many attractions like Color Pool Museum, Changdeokgung Palace, Caribbean Bay Water Park etc. with the help of Seoul attraction passes so that you can experience outstanding medieval to early modern history.

Top Attractions Tickets In Seoul

Attractions in Seoul deftly combine ancient history with advanced technology and ultra-modern design. There are numerous places to visit in Seoul for exploring various adventures. A top tourist attraction N Seoul Tower, it is a 500 meters high observation tower offering a dramatic view of the city from the side of Mount Namsan which you can access through your Seoul attraction pass. Enjoy the fantastic rotating restaurant located at the top of N Seoul Tower, which is also an incredible observation deck.Lotte World Tower is among the new attractions in Seoul which is designed in a vase-like shape with slight curves to mimic the traditional Korean ceramic pieces. With a Seoul pass, you can also check out Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is among the largest palaces constructed during the Joseon dynasty. Another famous attraction to explore in the city with Seoul attraction tickets is Changdeokgung Palace, which is set in a large park and is the second UNESCO world heritage site in Seoul.

Museums In Seoul

Seoul is generally described as a new and old city, and this description applies to the huge range of museums complementing the city’s architecture. The museums in Seoul have a massive range of exhibits ranging from traditional to modern artefacts that you can visit with your Seoul Pass. Color Pool Museum, Figure Museum Tickets, Alive Museum & Dynamic Maze, and Trick Eye & Love Museum are just a few names which you must visit. These museums have various artefacts, artworks and documents that showcase art and history. These museums cover all from ancient and prehistory to art and sculpture. With Seoul Pass, you can also explore the coffins from the Baekje period, monumental jars, Pine Grove painting, Tigers in moonlight etc.

Aquarium & Theme Park In Seoul

Among many things to do in Seoul visit amazing theme parks like Everland, Lotte World and the Caribbean Bay Water Park. Lotte World Tower is the tallest building in South Korea which is designed in a manner that depicts the Korean ceramic pieces. At Coex Aquarium, you can explore various species of sea animals and enjoy a series of fantastic shows, parades, and rides. With the attraction pass Seoul, you can witness about 650 marine species and theme exhibits. At water parks, you can have an exciting experience with your friends and family, enjoying various thrilling water rides. Discounts can be enjoyed with the tickets pre-booked online.

Know Before You Visit Seoul, Korea

Essential Information
Money Saving Tips
How To Get Around Seoul
Seoul Packing Guide
Do & Don’ts
Other Information

How To Reach Seoul:- By Flight – Korean air and Asian airlines operate flights to Seoul from around the world, including the USA and UK. The peak travelling times are March, April, July, August and December. If you are looking to travel at a cheaper fare, you need to book a flight outside this time.- By Road– One of the nine significant highways connecting the city via South Korea, and six radiating into the city, makes it easily accessible by road from various parts of the world.- By Train: The quickest way to reach Seoul from nearby cities like Busan is by train which is also very cost-effective. KTX Train runs every 20 minutes and takes generally 2.5 hours to reach.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to explore Seoul is from September to November and from March to May, when the weather is mild. The average daily temperature reaches 70 degrees F and the travel expenses are also very low during this time.

  • Most Korean supermarkets offer additional discounts at the end of the day.
  • You can take public transportation or walk to the nearby attraction to save money on transport. Many public transport services will give you offers with Seoul Pass.
  • If you are planning to stay in Seoul for longer, you need to get a Korean SIM card as it will be a cheap option, and with certain online discount offers, you can get some additional discounts.
  • Eating in Korean restaurants is not so expensive, so you can easily save a good amount of money here, and if you are having attractions pass Seoul, you can get some more discounts.
  • Subway– The subway in Seoul is widespread and inexpensive, making it an effective way to roam around the city. If you want to ride multiple times, you can get a discounted ride pass with the help of Seoul attraction tickets.

  • Bus – Bus services are readily available all across Seoul, and you can reach any attraction with the help of a bus pass which can be availed by showing the Seoul Pass.

  • Taxi – Taxi services are expensive but are very convenient. You can book taxi services from almost any place in the city. Taxi services are also available during the night, but you need to pay night charges; however, having Seoul Pass can let you enjoy additional benefits.

Summer Packing List:- Hat- Sunglasses- Swimsuits- Flip flops- Sandals- Loose–fitting pants- Shorts- Tank tops- T-shirts

Spring And Fall Packing List- Socks- Hat- Sunglasses- Sandals- Loose-fitting jeans or pants- Light jacket- Sweater- Cardigan

Winter Packing List:- Thick socks- Winter PJ’s- Gloves- Scarf- Warm hat- Sneakers- Winter boots- Jeans- Thermal base layer- Long sleeve shirts- Warm puffy jacket or parka

Apart from this, you can carry your favourite attire, camera, phone charger etc. Make sure to carry all the necessary documents like passports, IDs etc.

Do’s:- Showcase good manners and learn to accept things at restaurants or stores with two hands rather than the regular habit of using one hand.- Remember to keep shoes out when entering someone’s house- South Korea, being the third recycler leader, expects people to segregate trash before dumping.- It is recommended to learn some basics of the Korean language to connect better.

Don’ts:- Blow the nose in public areas such as restaurants or a subway- Writing names in red ink. Writing in red is considered offensive and unlucky by Koreans- Taking pictures without consent is being considered illegal in Korean law.- Being noisy during public transport travel.

  • Language – Korean
  • Time Zone– Korean Standard Time (KST) is consistent with UTC +9, and they do not have any related daylight saving time.
  • Trip Budget – For a seven days trip to Seoul for 2 people, the average price is ₩1,658,873 or $1,166.The budget can vary depending on the season, however, you can get discounts with an attraction pass Seoul which will allow you to get access inside almost all the prominent attractions.
  • Currency – Official currency of Seoul is South Korean Won (KRW).


What makes Seoul so famous?

Seoul is famous for its vibrant districts, delicious street food, eclectic fashion scene, and being the birthplace of Hallyu and K-pop. Seoul is known for its fascinating food options including street food such as Odeng, Juipo, corn dogs, meat skewers and Paejon. The city is also famous for its advanced technology, high-rise buildings and fantastic culture which you can explore with the Seoul pass.

What is the best time to visit Seoul?

The best time to explore Seoul is from September to November and from March to May. During this time the weather is pleasant and fewer tourists are there. You can visit all the prominent attractions and landmarks without any rush if you purchase a Seoul attraction pass at a discounted rate.

Which is the most popular activity in Seoul?

The Seoul attraction tickets allow you to enjoy the remarkable activities of Seoul which includes taking a trip in Namsan cable car, walking through the living history of Bukchon Hanok Village, revisiting the royal past at Changdeokgung Palace and witnessing the changing of the Guards ceremony at Gyeongbokgung, to name a few.

How many days are enough to explore Seoul?

Typically three to seven days are enough to explore Seoul with a Seoul attraction pass which gives you access to all the prominent landmarks and attractions. If you want a detailed visit, you should stay for seven days and explore each and every attraction properly. With Seoul Pass, you can get remarkable offers and ticket discounts.

What are the weather conditions in Seoul in the month of December?

Being the wintry month that marks the onset of winters, December has a cloudy sky which is fantastic to watch. The daily temperature falls in the range of 4.3°C to -3.2°C. Typically December is freezing, and the temperature fluctuates and drops rapidly.

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