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About Everland Korea

With your Everland Korea ticket, explore a theme park full of fun and adventure among many places to visit in Seoul. It is one of the Biggest theme park in South Korea and is situated at the Everland Resort in the city of Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, and receives 5.85 million visitors annually. In terms of amusement park attendance, it was ranked nineteenth in the world in 2018. Everland is estimated to be 1,200,000 square yards in size as of 2010. In addition to its main draws. Everland has a zoo and a water park called Caribbean Bay. Everland is run by Samsung C&T Corporation, a Samsung Group affiliate that was originally known as Samsung Everland, Cheil Industries.Every year, from March through April, Everland organizes the Tulip Festival. Visitors can take advantage of a variety of springtime attractions during the event, including the "magic tree," which serves as Everland's official photo location, "Aesop's Umbrella Street," and streets that appear to have been transplanted from the French Flower Market. Additionally, there are special performances available for everyone, including parades and musicals.

Why Book Everland Korea Ticket?

  • Apart from various things to do in Seoul visit Everland, Korea's largest theme park offering an enjoyable day of entertainment.
  • With the Everland Korea ticket, visit Zootopia first, then visit Panda World or the Tiger House to interact with the tigers or pandas, respectively.
  • Visit Friendly Monkey Valley to see orangutans or take a safari excursion at Lost World. To embark on a rich flower trip, visit Plantopia.
  • When you pass the Romantic Tower Tree, stop to admire the 26-meter-tall supersized flower sculpture that is adorned with tulips, roses, and LED lights.
  • Enjoy a leisurely stroll through Aesop's Umbrella Alley while holding a colorful umbrella in each hand.Join entertaining rides that are available all over the theme park.
  • On the Horror T Express, dodge zombies, or ride the T Express' highest roller coaster.
  • Visit the Horror Maze to get a good scare or ride the Flying Elephant to soar through the skies and book everland korea tickets.

Available Everland Korea Ticket Options

Everland korea entry ticket costs can vary significantly depending on where and how you purchase them. The tickets you buy online at a cheap price are your best bet. With several facilities such as optional transfer, these tickets offer skip the line access as well.

Skip the Line Entry Everland 1 Day Ticket With Optional Transfer

With these everland korea ticket for one day of admission, visit Everland, the biggest theme park in Korea. Experience a variety of amazing activities, including the largest and fastest roller coaster in South Korea, a zoo with animals from all over the world, safari bus tours, beautifully manicured gardens, restaurants, and much more. Some of the inclusions include Everland Theme Park entrance, access to all 5 zones: American Adventure, Global Fair, ZooTopia, and European Adventure and free admission Changes at the Ho-Am Art Museum (Based on option chosen at the time of booking)

Everland Full Day Trip With Admission And Transfers from Seoul

With this roundtrip package, take advantage of the most convenient shuttle service between Everland and Seoul! Even though Everland is one of the most well-liked theme parks in South Korea, getting there might be challenging. However, with Everland ticket and shuttle bus pickups from Hongdae, Myeongdong, or Dongdaemun, you may enjoy Everland all day long and remain for the breathtaking fireworks display in the evening without worrying about transportation. After the performance, transportation can be challenging due to how well-liked the fireworks are. With a shuttle bus drop off in Seoul, you may avoid the inconvenience of cramming onto public transportation. For a hassle-free day trip to Everland, purchase a shuttle bus transfer with your Everland entry!

Everland 1 Day Ticket And Round Trip Shuttle Bus From Seoul

Simple transfer from Seoul to Everland if you wish to go there. Pickup locations in Seoul include Yeongdeungpo Station, Sinnonhyeon Station, Sindorim Station, and Gangnam Station. Choose between two different return times, and pick the later one if you want to stay longer in the parks. Some of the inclusions include a round-trip bus fare from Seoul to Everland; admission fees to Everland and Caribbean Bay; general expenses.

Know Before You Book Everland Korea Ticket

Essential Information:

  • Location:: 99 Everland Road, Pogog, Eup Gyeonggi-do, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Korea
  • Timing: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Best time to visit: Summer is Everlands primary peak season, which runs roughly from the third week of July until the end of the second week of August. This is the busiest time of year for Everland, with the highest hotel and ticket prices and the most visitors. Another particularly busy time of year is around Christmas and New Year, when there are crowds everywhere and lengthy wait times for almost all attractions. For your visit, choose early spring or fall as it offers great weather, less tourists, and cheaper pricing.

How to Get There:- By Subway: At Giheung Station on the Seoul Metro Bundang Line, change to the Yongin Ever Line. Board a free shuttle bus at Jeondae-Everland Station after disembarking.- By Bus: Take Bus No. 5002 at Gangnam Station, Line 2 of the Seoul Metro, Exit 10; or Take Bus No. 5700 at Jamsil Station, Line 2 of the Seoul Metro (Exit 6)

Everland Korea Ticket FAQs

Do we need to book in advance for Everland Korea Ticket?

Book your everland korea entry tickets in advance, making reservations in advance makes it easier to obtain what you desire. Instead than simply choosing from the options, Making reservations in advance is similar to arriving early for a sporting event since you get to use the best gear! Buying attraction tickets in advance may result in the best deals and savings, making your trip even more enjoyable.

Will I get discounts on purchasing Everland Korea ticket online?

Book your tickets in online to get discounts for early reservations, when you may enjoy significant savings, might be available. When you make advance plans, you can start planning your itinerary. Again, you can take advantage of any savings offered by the excursions you want to reserve.

Do we have to buy separate Everland Korea ticket for kids?

No, you don't have a seperate everland Korea ticket for children under the age of 3. Adult fares are applicable to children aged 13 and beyond.

What is the best time to visit Everland Korea?

Avoid the week of the last Friday in April to the first Saturday in May as much as possible because there are several consecutive public holidays and lots of Koreans travel during this time. The autumn colour season typically lasts from late October to mid-November.The busiest spring month is May.

What is special about Everland Korea theme park?

There are many rides available at Everland korea theme park. The first wooden roller coaster in Korea, T-Express, is among the most well-known. T-Express has a 104 km/h top speed, a 46 m high drop, a 77 degree steep drop, and a 1.64 km long track, making it one of the top 10 fastest wooden roller coasters in the world.

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